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What To Do in Case of a Flood in Gilbert, AZ


Five Star Carpet Cleaning & Restoration in Gilbert, AZ


Here is a quick list to help you know what to do after you wake up to or find water damage in your home or business.

First off I want to list the things you should NOT do in case of a flood so that you'll be safe in an environment that is now full of water and is not designed to be.

1.  Do not leave the water running, turn the main valve off to the house (usually located outside in your back yard).
2.  Do not stand in water in a room that has the electricity on, turn the breakers off to those rooms that are wet.
3.  Do not let things like pictures and books that will get quickly ruined stand in the water.
4.  Do not use your home vacuum cleaner to suck up the water, a shop vac would work but you may want to call a professional depending on the severity of the water.
5.  Do not go into a room with a saggy ceiling or drooping ceiling fan, you risk having the ceiling or ceiling fan fall on your head, leave that to a professional like Five Star Carpet Cleaning and Restoration in Gilbert, AZ.
6.  Do not throw wet things away, and do not store them in plastic bags. These things need to be saved so that you can get reimbursement from your insurance company if they are ruined. If you store them in plastic bags they will surely mold within a matter of one or two days
7.  Do not wait to call a professional company to remove the water and dry things out properly. If you don't have your home dried out properly, you may cause mold and the mold may not be covered by your insurance company. Even if it is on a weekend or in the middle of the night, call a professional like Five Star Carpet Cleaning and Restoration in Gilbert, AZ and they will figure out the billing with your insurance company after you make a claim.

Now I want to go over the things that you DO need to do in case of a flood.

1.  Increase airflow in the flooded areas. Open windows, turn on fans, and turn on the fan to your h/vac system.
2.  Use caution, so that you don't slip on wet surfaces.
3.  Call a plumber to fix the leak if you cannot fix it yourself.
4.  Call the Best in Gilbert, AZ.  Call Five Star Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, they will respond quickly and provide you with the necessary help and give you professional service.

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