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Professional Carpet Cleaning


Professional carpet cleaning is the most misunderstood of the professional cleaning industries.  Often referred to as steam cleaning, professional carpet cleaning has evolved over the years and now there are five different methods being used today to professionally clean carpets. They include steam cleaning or hot water extraction, bonnet, encapsulation, dry compound, and shampooing.


The method commonly referred to as steam cleaning or hot water extraction is by far the most effective method for removing soiling from carpets and is the cleaning method recommended by the carpet manufacturers. In fact, all carpet warranties require that your carpets be professionally cleaned using this method at least once per year to maintain your warranty.


Steam cleaning or hot water extraction starts with applying a pre-spray to the carpets. Then a cleaning wand is used to apply agitation and a hot water or steam rinse to the carpets. The cleaning wand rinses the soil and pre-spray from the carpet and then vacuums up the hot water and pre-spray using a high-powered vacuum. Extraction is by far the most important step in this process. Drying time can be decreased by the use of fans, air conditioning, and/or outdoor ventilation (open some windows).


There are several great reasons for having a professional carpet cleaning. A professional cleaning will increase the life of your carpets if you have them cleaned regularly. If dirt that is embedded down in the carpet fibers is left there to rub against the carpet fibers, it will prematurely wear out the carpet. The appearance of your carpet is noticeably better with professionally cleaned carpets. Your family’s health is improved with less soil, pollens, dander, and dust in your home that is removed with a deep cleaning.


There are many factors to consider when cleaning and maintaining your carpets. In most cases, carpet cleaning is not a do-it-yourself job. There are many great reasons to have a professional carpet cleaning when you are looking to get your carpets clean again.

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