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When you decide that it's time to get a professional carpet cleaning there are a few things you need to do to prepare. You should arrange the cleaning ahead of time, at least a couple of days prior to your desired day of cleaning. In this way, you will give yourself plenty of time to get ready for the cleaning.  To prepare, you should move smaller items off the floor and from tables before the cleaners arrive.  It is always a good idea to vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning, your end result will be much better. There are some things that just come out of the carpet better dry (vacuuming) than they do wet (steam cleaning). You should also plan to have little to no traffic on the carpets while they are drying.

When you have your carpets professionally cleaned, there are a few basics to expect. Virtually every carpet cleaning company requires a two or three-room reservation or a minimum dollar amount. The cost of cleaning varies based on floor size and extras like stain-protection application or odor treatments. During the in-home session, the technicians should offer to move some furniture (sofas, chairs, and tables for sure), but larger or delicate pieces, like a china cabinet, entertainment center, and most bedroom furniture, won't be moved. They should prespray the carpet with specially formulated detergent and pretreat any stains.  They should also put protectors (tabs or blocks) under furniture legs to protect the carpet from rust and stains while the carpet is drying. The technicians should also tell you how long before you can walk on the carpet, which is often immediately or within an hour or two. They should explain what to do if stains reappear, which can happen if the pad or backing is also stained and the unremoved matter wicks up as the carpet dries.

If your carpets are very dirty, are matted down, or haven't been cleaned in ages, don't expect brand new looking carpet. A professional cleaning can remove heavy soiling, but it can’t undo damage from neglect. The technicians should tell you what results are realistic before they start. Your best action to take to maintain the life of your carpet is to vacuum often. To keep carpets looking their best, a deep cleaning is recommended every 12 months, or more often in homes with kids or pets.

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