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How To Remove Red Kool Aid Stains from Carpet in Gilbert, AZ

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Instructions on How to Remove Red Kool Aid Stains From Carpet

The prospect of getting red Kool Aid stains out of carpet can be overwhelming. Fortunately, some simple tricks can help you remove Kool Aid stains effectively, without damaging your carpet. The dye in red Kool Aid is strong and can stain carpets very quickly. These stains can be especially difficult to remove where the Kool Aid has soaked in. It is possible to remove the stains, but it will require patience.

When a spill occurs, use a white towel or paper towels right away to blot up as much of the Kool Aid as possible to minimize the spread of the stain. Use a Shop Vac or wet vacuum if you have one available. This will not remove the stain, but it will help minimize the damage.

  1. To remove the remaining stain, first you need plain warm water or a solution of 2 cups warm water and 2 cups ammonia.
  2. Dampen the stained area of the carpet with the solution. You do not want to completely soak the carpet. If it is too wet, the fibers can become matted and the stain can spread.
  3. Lay a white towel over the stain, covering it completely. (You may need to have several towels available)
  4. Use a clothes iron on LOW HEAT and set it on top of the towel. Do NOT PRESS down or you can damage or burn your carpet.
  5. Check the underside of the towel after a minute. It should be turning pink or red as the iron's heat breaks down the dye bonds and the stain wicks up through the carpet onto the towel.
  6. Rearrange the towel or use a fresh one as necessary to keep a clean part of the towel over the stain. Repeat this process until no more color is showing on the towel even after using the iron. If the carpet is drying out, dampen it again with your solution and continue applying the iron. When no more color is coming up onto the towel, use another fresh towel and rub the area briskly to restore the carpet's fluff. Vacuum the entire area and stay off the damp area until it is completely dry.

While this technique can be effective for removing Kool Aid stains on carpet, it may take several tries to completely eliminate the stain. Patience is important, because rushing the cleaning by increasing the heat or pressing the iron hard onto the carpet can cause damage and discoloration. Not only can this technique work for removing Kool Aid stains, it can also be used for any foods that contain strong red dyes. It does not matter if the stain is fresh or dried; the same technique can be used, but a dried stain may take more time to remove.

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