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Carpet Steam Cleaning in Gilbert, AZ

Our carpets take a lot of punishment. We track all kinds of dirt and grit in from outside. Dust blows in through the windows. Our pets pick up lots of things on their feet and fur to bring into the house. After a while our carpets need a thorough cleaning just to remove all of this material. Aside from vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis, carpet steam cleaning in Gilbert, AZ is one way to really clean your carpets and get the dirt and grit out of the carpet.

In addition to the dirt we just talked about, there are body oils, grime and dander from our pets. This material adheres to the fibers in our carpets, which in turn attract more particles of dirt and pollen. After a while a heavily traveled carpet will have a pathway clearly marked on the carpet and will be matted and just not very nice.

One of the advantages of carpet steam cleaning is that the hot steam warms up the dirt and oils. Power washing and vacuuming the carpet after steam has been applied removes a lot more material from the carpet and the carpet fibers. It gets deep into the pile of the carpet and draws out all of this dirt, oil and pollen that routinely lands on your carpet everyday.

Once a carpet has been steam cleaned, allow it to dry completely before replacing your furniture and using the carpet. In fact, it is also a great idea to vacuum the carpet one more time to remove any last bits of dirt and pollen. Once you get your carpet steam cleaned in Gilbert, AZ. regular vacuuming on a weekly basis will keep it looking great. You might want to vacuum high traffic areas more often. Schedule carpet steam cleaning every few months to maintain your carpet and keep it looking great.


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