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Carpet Cleaning: Removing Pet Urine Stains From Carpet in Casa Grande, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, AZ

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Carpet Cleaning: Removing Pet Urine Stains From Carpet

Pet urine can be one of the most difficult stains to remove from your carpets. This is because the urine usually soaks all the way down into the carpet’s backing and padding. Here are a few ways to remove pet urine stains from your carpet.

Removing New Pet Urine Stains

1. Absorb the urine using several damp paper towels, apply pressure to the towels to quickly absorb fresh urine puddles. The moisture in the paper towels will help soak up the urine, while the pressure pushes the towels down into the carpet for more absorption.

2. Repeat the process, but this time leave a weight of some sort on top of the towels for at least 10 minutes.

3. After you've removed the towels, pour a small amount of cold water just outside the perimeter of the stain, slowly moving toward the center. This will prevent the water from spreading the urine out into an even wider circle. Allow the water to work through the stain for about a minute.

4. Next, apply an enzyme cleaner such as Nature's Miracle or BioKleen to the wet area. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label. 

5. If you don't have an enzyme cleaner, use white vinegar or regular hydrogen peroxide. Spray on the wet area and allow to sit for a few minutes. Then soak up with weighted paper towels.

Removing Old Pet Urine Stains

1. First, find the stains. You might have a general idea of where old stains might be. The pet urine stain normally is a yellow or greenish color. For better results, wait for night, or make the room as dark as possible and use a long ultraviolet or black light to locate urine. The urine stains will shine like neon on your carpet. Be sure to mark them with blue painter's tape as you find them.

2. The vacuum method. Pour some cold water on the stain and immediately vacuum it up with a wet/dry vacuum. Repeat as necessary to remove the discoloration. Do not let the water sit: suck it up immediately. For tough stains, add a bit of salt to the water. Never add soap, the residue will attract dirt.

3. The baking soda and vinegar method. Spray the area with vinegar, then thinly sprinkle on baking soda to coat the area. Cover with weighted paper towels for 24 hours. Rinse the area thoroughly with cold water and dry again with weighted paper towels.

 If your attempts don't remove the pet urine stain or odor completely, consider hiring a professional like Five Star Carpet Cleaning to take care of the problem for you.

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